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World PI Week

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This Year’s Global Movement

Our Foundation, in collaboration with physician experts at the Jeffrey Modell Centers Network and patient groups from around the world, join together in this global movement the week of April 22nd-29th. The goal is to raise awareness, create dialogue and strengthen the bonds of our community.

http://downloads.info4pi.org/images/jm-Balloons-word-cloud-resize-741x960-56e1dd0c53531-originalWe’ve always celebrated World Primary Immunodeficiency Week with a simultaneous launch of thousands of specially designed balloons throughout the United States, around the world, and virtually, stating “If releasing one balloon can help save a life, imagine what one million can do.” Each balloon launched symbolized a newly diagnosed patient.

As always, our goal is to raise awareness, create dialogue and strengthen bonds, globally.  Let’s take it one step further and tell the world what we’re hoping for, dreaming of, and wishing for the future.

Together as a community, we’re walking hand in hand as we travel down the yellow brick road now during WPIW and for always!


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